I Hate You – The Opera!

This is an original, self-authored, extemporaneous opera by my children.  Actually, the entire performance lasted for about 30 minutes, but I only managed to record a bit.  I trimmed it down to the highlights and transcribed it for your entertainment. I couldn’t suss out a couple words, but you’ll get the gist.  The hilarious, hilarious gist.

I Hate You – The Opera!

When you’re at school
I miss you
I love you
I miss you
I love you
I miss you
I love you

Well sorry – I have to go to school
It’s not an option
Sorry, I can’t expel myself

I’m so sorry but I won’t hear it from you
I don’t really like you
I don’t
I was lying
I’m sorry
I don’t
I _______ you
And I don’t like you singing
And I hate you
I know
I’m sorry, but I’m not
I’m not sorry- eeee

What are you doing walking like that?
That’s the creepiest walk I’ve ever seen
The only people that do it are maniacs.
So why are you doing it?

I don’t like you anymore
‘Cause you’re the stupidest girl in the whole wide world

I am actually advanced in school
You take that!
And I’m smarter than you

I am not s-
You are not smarter than me
I’m smarter than you
I don’t like your stuff
I like my own stu-uuuuf!

Well that doesn’t mean that I’m not smart

You’re not smart

In fact, I’m really advanced

I don’t like your smart
I don’t like your _____
I don’t like anything that you love!

About Christine

I'm a full-time mother to two kids, an ex-lawyer, a breastfeeding counselor, a skeptic, and (to steal a phase from Penn & Teller) a "science cheerleader." You can reach me through my Facebook page.

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