Breaking Bad – harrowing stuff!

baby seatI’m in the middle of season 3 of Breaking Bad, and it’s definitely a compelling show. All the actors really are as great as you hear, the writing is very tight and doesn’t rely on Idiot Plot elements, and the show can be beautiful to look at. But sometimes it can be downright scary, the stuff they do!

In just a dozen or so episodes, I’ve seen such shocking images as:

  • Baby wrapped up in multiple blankets before being buckled into car seat
  • Car seat straps wide and loose with no visible chest clip
  • Crib with bumpers and tons of fluffy blankets under and around the baby
  • Propping a baby on her side instead of back sleeping
  • Smoking in the baby’s room

Oh, and there’s been some milder stuff like drug use, murder, rape, decapitation, and dissolving a human corpse with acid.

Even though it can be disturbing at times, I’m definitely hooked! I’m kind of curious whether Walt will go back to cooking. And of course, I’m on the edge of my seat about the pool fencing – when are they going to show us that already?! Or are we going to see that fancy high tech system they talked about? They are such teases!

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I'm a full-time mother to two kids, an ex-lawyer, a breastfeeding counselor, a skeptic, and (to steal a phase from Penn & Teller) a "science cheerleader." You can reach me through my Facebook page.

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