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Gay people out-procreating me!

When they were arguing for Prop 8 in federal court, backers claimed “that society is entitled to reserve its approval of marriage for those who can naturally conceive children.”  The Family Research Council lists “The Top Ten Harms of Same-Sex ‘Marriage‘” and number 9 is “Birth Rates Would Fall.”  (Yes, seriously, they list that as a harm.)  The Administrative Committee of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has stated, “What are called ‘homosexual unions,’ because they do not express full human complementarity and because they are inherently nonprocreative, cannot be given the status of marriage.”

Psst, bigots – there’s something you should know.  Gay people be having babies all the time!  S’truth!

Famous gay people who have as many kids as my parents (married in the Catholic church!) do:

Elton John

Dan Savage

Mary Cheney

Clay Aiken

And some who have as many kids as I do:

Wanda Sykes

Sara Gilbert

Neil Patrick Harris

Cynthia Nixon

Ricky Martin

And queer folk who have out-procreated me:

Cat Cora (for two of their children, each partner was implanted with the others’ fertilized egg.  I find this incredibly sweet, as well as a damn good answer to any argument that gay couples can’t both have a biological link to their kids.)

Rosie O’Donnell

Annise Parker

B.D. Wong

Melissa Etheridge

And let’s not forget that lesbian couples make the best parents!

Now, what was that argument about marriage being reserved for procreation and the ideal environment for raising children again?