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PSA: Please reconsider a popular name for your baby

I liked the name Chloe before it was cool.

Hi, I’m Christine.  No, not that one.  No, not Kristy, or Krissy, or Christa.  Oh, yeah, that one’s a Christine too, but she goes by Tina now.  Fine, you can differentiate me by calling me Christine L.  May I introduce my husband Chris?  And his stepbrother Chris.  And my uncle Chris and his son Chris.  That guy over there?  He’s my husband’s office-mate, Chris.

Trust me (and my husband), it’s a pain to have a name that was popular the year you were born.  I actually like my name (and my mother chose it not knowing that it was going to be immensely popular that year), but being one of several kids with the same name in your class is a total drag.  Ironically, this year you’d be fine with Chris or Christine; just avoid Jacob and Sophia if you want to do your kids a favor.  Nevertheless, if you’re really devoted to that top 20 name, I suggest just taking the plunge instead of using a wacky alternative like Alixyveth (typing that made me cry).

Of course, you might find yourself in the same boat as my parents, accidentally picking a name that trends suddenly.  It’s not the end of the world.  But I urge you to check out names that rank below 20 or so – there are some beautiful names, whether classic or newfangled, that you might not have thought of.  And trust me, when your daughter is in homeroom with Emma C. Emma M., and Emma W., she will be happy to be the one and only Charlotte.