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Quiverfull Families

No time for a full-on, researched post today, as my 3yo has a horrific UTI and dealing with that is a full-time job.

But as I drove to the pediatrician today, I was listening to Godless Bitches interviewing Vyckie of No Longer Quivering.  She mentioned how she had felt she was “turning over her reproductive life to God.”

How come it’s always the reproductive life, and really, only the woman’s reproductive life that gets turned over to God?  As far as the man’s reproductive life, I’m pretty sure the quiverfull husbands don’t sit passively and wait for Yahweh to levitate semen out of them and into their wives.  They get to decide if they’re feeling frisky or if they’re just too tired after work, without being guilty of thwarting God’s will.  It’s only the incubators women who have to turn all decision-making over to the Almighty.

One wonders why it’s just reproduction too.  Wouldn’t any of these statements be just as valid?

I’m turning my nutritional life over to God.  If He wants me to be hungry, how can I disobey Him by eating?

I’m turning my dental life over to God.  It’s in His power to kill the plaque on my teeth, and if He doesn’t, it would be usurping His power to go to the dentist and get a cleaning.

I’m turning my economic life over to God.  If He wills me to have food and shelter, He will make it so.  I dare not contravene His will by making my own decisions to get a job and earn money.  (This one is particularly appealing, seeing as Jesus actually instructed his followers to live like this!)

All this leaves aside the question why Yahweh needs a man to reverse his vasectomy or even sleep with his wife in order to allow for Yahweh’s desired impregnation to occur, given that He’s omnipotent and has a proven track record of knocking up chicks with minimal spousal contribution.