Best excuse ever!

Sorry I haven’t been posting. I started working full time, the kids’ lives got very busy, I started hanging out with some really cool new friends. I was wondering how I could juggle everything. AND THEN I GOT FUCKING CANCER.

Yes, my right boob went rogue and tried to kill me. I sliced it up, and then to keep the rest of my organs toeing the line, I scorched the earth of my entire body, leaving no quarter for possible enemy agents. This is war, Peacock, and you can’t make an omelette without breaking any eggs! (Oh yeah, my ovaries shut down permanently thanks to the process.)

But I made it through the fight, and have come out the other side to tell you there’s still no God, and for the love of all that’s holy, eat brownies when you get the chance, because life can be short and the width of your hips can indicate a healthy recovery from 16 weeks of barely being able to eat. I eat the brownies, and the deep fried wontons, and I suck the literal marrow out of – well a literal cow bone, but metaphorically out of life too.

more to follow if anyone is interested.

About Christine

I'm a full-time mother to two kids, an ex-lawyer, a breastfeeding counselor, a skeptic, and (to steal a phase from Penn & Teller) a "science cheerleader." You can reach me through my Facebook page.

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  1. Glad to hear you’re ok. I’m vix from SDMB. I don’t post there often, but maybe it rings a bell? Anyway, I’m here and I’m interested.

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