How to help stop Trump right now

I just set up a monthly donation to the ACLU – they are taking direct action to stop Trump!
We are still a country governed by the rule of law, and if our independent judiciary issues stays and rulings against unconstitutional executive actions, the vast majority of government agents will comply – no matter how many Twitter tantrums the Phony King of America throws.
The ACLU is instrumental in this process, because they’re stepping in to stop illegal presidential actions in real time – a necessary supplement to the popular protests, legislative engagement, and political planning by Trump resistors.
(Seriously – Disney’s Prince John character is perfectly prescient:

He sits alone on the giant throne

Pretendin’ he’s the king
A little tyke who’s rather like
A puppet on a string
And he throws an angry tantrum
If he cannot have his way
And then he calls for Mom while he’s suckin’ his thumb
You see, he doesn’t want to play)

About Christine

I'm a full-time mother to two kids, an ex-lawyer, a breastfeeding counselor, a skeptic, and (to steal a phase from Penn & Teller) a "science cheerleader." You can reach me through my Facebook page.

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