I’ve been officially into skepticism ever since Snopes enlightened me about all those urban legends.  I happen to be a skeptic generally and also a religious skeptic, but this blog isn’t about arguing against religious beliefs.  It’s about skeptically examining assertions that come up in my parenting milieu, and describing what it’s like to be a skeptical parent, including what it’s like to be a non-believing parent trying to raise critical thinkers.

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  1. I’ve been really enjoying your blog. Keep up the great work. I have been veering more and more into the world of skepticism over the last few years, particularly since having a baby girl last May. I’ve been especially enjoying your analysis of babywise. I was given that book by a friend and I read the first two chapters. I knew it was bad information but I couldn’t have put it into words the way you have. Thanks for crystallizing the issues for me. 🙂

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