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Always . . . no . . . never forget to check your references.

Might not have time for a proper post today, but here is a story about some very cool crowd-sourced skepticism.  A group of skeptical refugees from’s forums thought Naomi Aldort,  a Mothering “expert” sounded like a jackass.  She styled herself a psychologist with a PhD, but the advice she gave seemed awful, and more geared to pulling in new phone consultation clients than anything else.  This group of forumites wondered where on Earth she would have gotten a doctorate in psychology, and asked her about it on the Mothering forum.  From there, the story started crumbling into one ad hoc excuse after another, as the skeptics did research on Aldort’s claims.  The story is long, but really interesting – I particularly love that this was a lot of work done by women just for the sake of finding the truth, not as part of their jobs or for profit.  Skepticism and debunking as a group hobby – love it!

(Oh, and I will give a cybertrophy to the first person to ID where I got my post title.)